Precarious moves

Solo-Performance 70 min.
Premiere: January 2021
Tanzquartier Wien

How does a body set itself in motion where the relation between the body and what surrounds it appears to be a fundamentally precarious, vulnerable relation, a relation that is all too easily thrown off balance and in which we sometimes encounter visible or invisible boundaries?

In "Precarious Moves" Michael Turinsky continues his investigation of resistant choreographic gestures through designing choreo-political aesthetics.

At the centre of the solo, which is as much biographical as conceptual, lies the questioning of both his very own personal as well as urgent collective needs and necessities with regard to mobility and mobilization, pertinent as they are especially within in the tension between movement and environment, gesture and milieu.

Including the experience of disability in his singularity, Turinsky once again ties in with the concept of crip time, in a revolt against the imperative of the integration of disabled or any body into the systemic regimes of the existing hegemonic cultures mobility and mobilization, without, however, ignoring both his own as well as collective real and thus also ambivalent needs between speed and/or slowness.

Oscillating between the organic and the organized, "Precarious Moves" unfolds as a sometimes light and sometimes dark exploration of that strange loop that connects the body with the sensual world through which it moves; as a searching movement in which the untamed gesture discovers its choreographic milieu, and at the same time opens our sensitivity beyond the same.